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In order to brew the wine of its own brand LUNAQUA , the group set up a winery in Kwun Tong, adhering to the three concepts of the brand: "subversion", "innovation" and "purity". Order a variety of professional equipment from all over the world, and use the leather breaking technology to extract the pure flavor of natural raw materials and retain nutrients, so as to produce LUNAQUA 's unique wine body. The operating procedures of the factory are in line with the international safety standards of ISO22000 and HACCP . The brewing process is strictly monitored to ensure the safety of the finished product, without adding any preservatives, spices and pigments.

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THE  MOON responses dreamers’ desire upon the sky with its gently gaze for centuries. 

SPIRITS records all sorts of joy and sorrows of every moment.

DREAMS are accompanied by any bittersweet moments.


Raising the glass and cheers to the  moon, with the companionship of the moon, every sip feels like every  moment of our lives. Praising the ups and downs with LUNAQUA, taste  every stage of our life journeys.

Subvert Perception
Unadulterated Tastes
Ultimate Enjoyment

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What We Do?

LUNAQUA apply ultramodern techniques to express the essence of the natural ingredients through the distinctive materials that  could subvertour  tasters' perception.

Every sip includes  different meanings and  characteristics.  Tasting the subtleties of the  moment of life, enjoy the  silence belonging to tasters' innermost.


Manufacturing Process


LUNAQUA continuing the trio of the brand – “SUBVERSION, INNOVATION, SIMPLICITY ”, all the spirits are using high-quality raw material with no preservations, artificial food flavoring and coloring.  


The  flavored   wine produced by LUNAQUA method.  All of the manufactural procedures are under surveillance and ensure that all products comply with ISO22000 and HACCP international safety standards.


The process of refining spirits is complicated.  All raw materials need to soak in specific tanks and blend in specified temperatures slowly and naturally.  Avoiding the structure and texture of the flavored wine would      be destroyed,  our exclusive quick-freezing technique could keep the nutriments of each raw material and prevent the evaporation of alcohol effectively. Vacuum disinfection would use for bottling to ensure the safety standard.  Because of our full chain control and monitor, surely that LUNAQUA provides the premium enjoyment and memorable tipsy moment to every taster.



To improve the color, aroma, texture and aftertaste of the flavored wine, our research and development team carry out an experiment that belongs to the exclusive infusion technique and uses different equipment which comes from numerous countries for flavors infusion, convection heating, quick-freezing to balance the sweetness and alcohol by volume.  Each part of the details would fully exert the original taste of raw material and the unique fragrance.


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Factory A&C G/F, Mai Hing Industry Building,

16-18 Hing Yip Street,

Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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852-3106 0657


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